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-Noel Attard-

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Morphing Through Time

Between Mind and Heart

Devil's Advocate



Endless Quest

Reclining Nude

The Artist

Morphing Through Time

The Human Fear

The Illusion of an After Life

The Landscape

Vertical Silence

Born on April 15, 1966, Noel Attard (aka nattardo), inspired from his father who at that time practiced art, was brought up in an artistic ambience he yearned to live up to. After attending various art schools and studied under the supervision of diverse renowned Maltese artists, Noel later sought to compliment his practical side with theoretical academic studies at the University of Malta where he graduated in History of Art in 2006. Now he reads a Masters Degree in Fine Arts also at the University of Malta, and is at present working on his thesis on contemporary public art

Noel Attard does not abide to one particular style or technique, evident is his past exhibitions. However, he has progressed from his monochrome to his vortex style and now it is evident that he is in search of a new experimental phase. Texture and colour are his focal points irrelevant if he is painting a landscape, nude or seascapes. His texture is rich with heavy impasto layers of subtle colours, enhanced by the use of surgical gauze. The latter emphasizes his brushstrokes, giving the artist his trademark. The artist makes use of canvas, board and watercolour paper, in the latter he also incorporates gauze.

Noel chooses to be ascetic in his art and conveys only what is important to grasp the onlooker s attention. The use of acrylic has become second nature, over twenty years of experience, his canvas becomes his palette in which colour is mixed directly and kept very clean, evident in his grey colour mixage, blue is his dominant colour.

The texture is rich thanks to a balance reached between the aggressive application of paint and use of gauze in the background, which thickens the canvas, and a studied use of subtle colour in the foreground.

He finds himself in a transitional phase to find yet another crucial innovative style that suits the artist's needs to express him and land him myriad fame as his prior styles. These past couple of years, also inspired by his Masters Degree studies, Noel has delved deeper into the art of sculpture and progressed his artworks to public art and installations, some of these art works will feature in his next solo exhibition.

He also searches the past for ways of expressing his own sense of the present. He achieved development in his art through intelligent hard work, with study and observation. Noel argues that an artist should not reproduce what he sees, as that would be documentation not art. One has to delve to grasp what he is telling us. Reading the title is not enough and this is what the artist is constantly after – conveying a message to the individual.

His surroundings inspire him and transforms his ideas into creative almost fantasy illusion, as the sails he designed are his own creations, his landscapes, seascapes and sculptures almost recreating nature. However, the artist is also very much inspired by what he reads - philosophy, theology, politics and science. Music is also a great inspiration.