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-Robert Zahra-

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This series of paintings is about inventive transitional spaces. Floating structures, impossible landscapes and labyrinths that represent one’s interior spaces, more than the real spaces we live in everyday. It’s an attempt to combine images of architectural structures with visions that express what lies inside the complexities of one’s mind.


Mkejjen 2

Mkejjen 3

Mkejjen 4

Mkejjen 5

Mkejjen 6

Moving Lands

Moving Lands 2

Moving Lands 3

Moving Lands 4

Moving Lands 5

Moving Lands 6

An art practitioner and teacher/lecturer, Robert Zahra views these two fields as interconnected, on-going experimental processes. His personal artistic projects ensured his involvement in subjects such as the urban environment and the human body. He works mainly within the realms of painting and drawing, and the connection between the two. Throughout his creative career, Zahra also presented projects in other media including sculpture, environmental interventions and photography.

Robert read Art Education at Masters level at the University of Malta and painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. Zahra presented his work in a number of solo and collective exhibitions held in Malta and in Italy. In 2007 and 2011 he participated in Bodies, and his work was on show in Stemperando Biennale 5a Edizione (Torino-Cosenza-Roma). Mkejjen (2009) and Liquid Hybrid (2012) were two main solo exhibitions. In other events, such as Dixx (2013) he collaborated with other artists with different artistic backgrounds.