Auctions & Seminars

Auctions come in many different forms. Some auctions are silent, where the host institution has a party and invites guests to silently outbid on bid sheets. Some auctions are open forums where people bid for work out loud. Some auctions are curated by the host institution, others involve more submissions or work from a larger, more nebulous pool of artists.

The Gallery shall be working a long side Art Collectors and enthusiasts, collaborating together by organizing Auctions of a particular Art Collection or Individual Art Pieces. We shall provide auctioneers to join us during each auction.

Art collectors usually find art to be a great investment to the point that they buy a piece of art with the intention to be re-sold. We shall therefore offer this kind of service to art collectors to re sell their purchase at a higher value through our Auctions, International events, display in our collectors room and also through online promotion

Seminars will be held regularly to invite people to learn and to educate about various subjects in the art world from the world to art collecting, to the world of framing and preserving art. Every 5 weeks we will invite a special guest to give various speeches about topics relating the art industry.