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We are far more than just a retail art space, this is the real gallery representation concept, where artists and art are at the center of it all. Our passion for art and years of experience in the industry are the greatest force behind this project from which both the artists and general public shall benefit.


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  • Mission - To deliver quality, authenticity, embracing art and the artists through a global audience.
  • Skills - Years of Experience in the art industry give us the competencies to nurture the credibility of the art.
  • Clients - Professional art consultations and services for all our clients. Representing Artists and their work using professional targeted promotions, thus giving them the liberty to create while the rest is being taken care of!

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“Art, in the first place, has to connect with yourself.” -Andrew Brown

Giving a unique approach to art consultation and showcasing, by introducing our "viewing room". A professionally designed room where the viewer can enjoy the presence of the selected art work in a private space where the main focus will be on the art itself. Thus creating an intense connection between the viewer and the piece of art.

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 Going International

Exhibiting in the world’s most prestigious Art Expos, by showcasing featured art collections by our artists and private collections to a greater audience. Our booth will represent a maximum of 10 artists which will be juried for quality, authenticity, sales ability and artist resume. We strive for a clutter free space where the art is given the utmost importance.

  • Mission - Broadening the Horizon of opportunities to our featured artists by benefiting from greater exposure, raising the bar in sales and commissions, enriching artistic career and resume.
  • Skills - The Gallery is a leading representative of art that is highly respected for its quality, authenticity and value worldwide. Years of experience in the international art industry give the gallery greater confidence and credibility when taking part in these events.
  • Clients - Showcasing our Art Collections and Artists by engaging a global targeted audience of Art collectors, galleries, publishers , interior designer and more.

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"Art enables us to find ourselves
and lose our selves at the same time" - Thomas Marton

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Sharing our passion of Art collecting with the public.

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"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" – Degas

The gallery seeks to foster, promote and enhance the understanding and enjoyment of visual arts in general.

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Feel free to contact us at info@mariegallery5.com

Opening Hours:

Monday: Closed for private viewing - viewing only by appointment.
Tuesday: 9:30-1.00pm and 4:30-7.00pm, Wednesday: 9:30-1.00pm and 4:30-7.00pm,
Thursday: 9:30-1.00pm and 4:30-7.00pm, Friday: 9:30-1.00pm and 4:30-7.00pm,
Saturday: 9:30-1.00pm and 4:30-7.00pm.